Why is alcohol banned in the hostel

The management of the hostel has no intention of forcing their own philosophies on backpackers as misunderstood by some people. We support a liberal society, and if it were upto us, there should be nothing banned in this world. The ban on alcohol/drugs has been followed in some hostels in India for these reasons:

  1. Serving alcohol in a business in India needs special license, which is really hard to acquire, so most of the places serve alcohol illegally. Even though it’s the common room/rooftop of a hostel where people are bringing and drinking their own liquor, it would be really hard to convince local authorities that the hostel does not make any profit from this alcohol being used at the hostel. The fines in this case are heavy, and corruption is the only way left, which we are really against. One of the hostels in India has faced this situation and we don’t find it worth the price we may end up paying for it.
  2. Backpackers hostels are a new business in India, where males/females share rooms in a home-like environment. The society is already confused with what goes on inside these hostels. Introducing alcohol/drugs in this setup, where both the sexes are staying in the same rooms give the local society a lot to imagine. This might be bad for the hostel/travellers in long term.
  3. The tourists coming to India have been the people who want to experience a different culture and see how Indian society works. Drunk parties/nightlife is not part of the culture yet, and we have seen tourism in countries like thailand just becoming party tourism. Our philosophy doesn’t match that culture and there are hostels/hotels in the city which allow alcohol to serve that culture. We prefer to host travellers who are here to experience the culture and help society. We do understand sometimes you do need a beer and In that case, you can head out and have a couple of drinks whenever you feel like in a proper pub(around ₹ 1200 for 3 liters of beer) in the city.
  4. Jugaadus is trying to work with the local society to have a sustainable harmony where we can help the local society with exployment/education and locals help tourists see the best of our city. Alcohol/drugs are considered as something really bad in this society and we cannot form the bond we are trying to make with the society if we don’t give up these.

We hope you will understand the principles behind these rules. We tried to be flexible in some situations, but it didn’t work well, as it gets difficult to make sense to drunk people or tell someone how much is fine/allowed. We ended up banning alcohol completely.

We try to be high on life and leave the intoxicants and believe that travellers can try that too in order to have a better travel experience in the Incredible India.