Jugaadus’ hostel

Jugaadus’ hostel is the first backpackers hostel in the holy city Amritsar as a Cheap/Clean and fun alternate to traditional hotels/guesthouses.. The Theme of the hostel is to introduce hacks into the hostel to Keep the budget low/Keep the carbon Emission Low and Help people know about punjabi culture. Punjab is Known For its hospitality and the main mission of this place is to show tourists in Amritsar the traditional hospitality combined with western comforts. For directions to the hostel click here

This hostel uses various practices to stay eco friendly.

Eco friendly practices being followed in Jugaadus’ eco hostel right now:

– Reused tyres to make tables for the hostel.

– Wiring done in bamboo wiring panels to avoid use of plastic.

– Plastic Bottle reuse and refill with filter water service.

– Plastic bag reuse.

– Mattresses filled with organic cotton bought from local organic farmers and fabric bought from auraherbals which deals with organic cotton fabrics.

– Bamboo dustbins,trays,keyrings bought from uravu bamboo village NGO

– Organic groceries bought from local farmers or organic fair trade store..

Plans in progress:

– Terrace organic vegetable garden.

– Solar panels on the roof to make space for sitting and electricity for the hostel.

– Compost bin.

– Volunteering options with local NGOs working for the environment.

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