Punjabi village Tour

Costs: The price is usually around ₹400 per person for transport+village and ₹200 for guiding.
Time: Early morning (around 6 am) ,  4-5 hours.
We have partnered with local village farmers to give visitors a taste of traditional ways of life and culture. We will go to a Punjabi village and the visitors will have the opportunity to do things like milk a cow, ride on a traditional bull cart, see common farming practices, visit the local primary school and have the traditional food (Sarson da saag, makki di roti) made by traditional family on a clay stove with cowdung as a fuel. We also include bhangra lessons and tying turbans in this tour. 

We normally take 4 or more people for the village trip but these are the expenses of a normal villlage trip if less people want to do it.

About ₹600 for the tuktuk ride to the village, waiting there for 4 hours and the ride back.

About ₹ 200 / ₹300 (without/with Lunch) per person for village team (minimum ₹500 without and ₹800 with lunch)

About ₹ 200 for copies/Pencils donations to the village school.

₹200 for guiding



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