Golden Temple night tour

Cost: ₹200 for guiding for people staying at jugaadus and ₹ 300 for people from outside.
Time: 3 hours, Evening around 7:30 PM.

Our guide will walk with you through the beautiful Golden Temple while explaining its history and providing interesting facts. Upon arrival, you will have the option of trying langar (a free meal offered by the temple) as dinner. After langar,  you will have the privilege of touring the biggest community kitchen in the world and have some chai. Then, you will attend the putting of the holy book to bed ceremony(night ceremony/palki sahib).

This tour to the Golden Temple is in the evenings. The Golden Temple is illuminated in the evenings and looks very beautiful with reflection in the pool of Nector(Amrit Sarovar).It is an experience to watch the enthusiasm and dedication of the people participating in the night ceremony.

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