Donation system explanation

Jugaadus has a lot of activities that work on donations, as well as the food. We like to work with the donation system so people can decide how much its worth for them and we can do our work without much pressure of fulfilling expectations with value for money. But still the confusion arises on what is a good donation. We would like to give you an idea of the different benchmarks to help you decide. All these are fair recommendations from our side but you are more than welcome to pay less/more depending upon your budget.


Activities range from around 3 to 5 hours. The donations would vary depending upon the duration of the activity and the number of participants. This is what we normally recommend per person for a group size of 4 as fair for a 3 hour activity and you can maybe make them less if there’s more than 4 people or more if activity is longer.

1. The guide was very offensive and activity was useless – ₹0.
2. The guide was irresponsible and activity was useful or the other way around- ₹50.
3. The guide was ok and the tour was ok – ₹100.
4. The guide was good and activity was ok or the other way around – ₹ 150.
5. The guide was very good and the activity was very useful- ₹200.
6. The guide and the activity was awesome- ₹250.
7. It was the one of the best guide/activity combo- ₹300.