Amritsar Heritage Walk

The Heritage walk is a guided tour deep inside the narrow lanes and by lanes of the 438 year old city of Amritsar, founded by fourth sikh Guru Ram Dass Ji in 1574 AD. While walking through the winding alleys one is able to see Katras, Akharas, Bungas, Havelis and Hatties. The walk takes one back in time, where one can witness traditional trade and crafts being practiced in the same place and in the same manner as has been done for centuries. The town planning and architecture of the age will amaze you, especially the intricately carved wooden facades. This walk is an opportunity to expore more intimately the heart of the city and to feel part of the magnificent heritage of the Holy City of the Sikh Gurus of long ago. Click here to book this tour.

Cost: ₹200 for guiding for people staying at jugaadus and ₹ 300 for people from outside.


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