Amritsar Food Walk

Price: About ₹250-400 Per person for  food + ₹200 for guiding for people staying at jugaadus and ₹ 300 for people from outside.
Time: Starts around 10:30 am and takes around 3-5 hours.

we will take you on an 6 kilometer leisure walk through both old and new areas of Amritsar, stopping to taste famous amritsar food along the way. You will have the opportunity to try about 20 popular dishes from 7 famous shops across the city. Don’t worry though; all of the dishes are shared so that you can make it through all of them! Food costs around ₹250-400 per person, not including donations for the guide. You can have a look at the dishes here. Please click on the picture for description.



For booking the food walk click here. Here are some pictures of the shops and people enjoying the food walk.



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