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The Founder of Jugaadus, Sanjay came back to his hometown Amritsar in Feb 2014. He has proven  all the stereotypes of being Indian right by studying engineering, Working in an IT company in India(bangalore) for two years and then a year and half in the Netherlands. After quitting the job, travelling the world for a year with hitchhiking , couchsurfing and introduction to spirituality in India, Sanjay is trying to show tourists the punjabi hospitality and culture.  He lives out of the Jugaadus’ hostel and is trying to make it a home for the travellers coming to the city. He loves making weird faces, talking about cultural differences, making jokes to challenge normality.

Seema, reception

(works at reception 8 am – 2 pm) is a single mom with two very cute sons to raise, Seema has worked hard to transform from a housewife into an independent working women. She manages the cleaning of the hostel. She loves cooking and conducts cooking classes at the hostel. You will mostly be listening to 90s bollywood music if seema is at the reception.


Gopi, Reception

(reception 2 pm – 8 pm) is the Jugaadu at the hostel, you can go to gopi for anything (Tickets/shopping/currency exchange/anything else) you need help in amritsar. Jumping around the hostel, he is hardly found at the reception. Gopi needs some english writing classes and learns really well from pretty foreigner girls.

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Jagroop, reception

(reception 8 pm – 8 am) The most calm and hot guy of the hostel staff, Jagroop is a farmer in the day time in his village and works night shift at the hostel reception. Jagroop’s wonderful family hosts the village tour and takes care of the cow for the hostel. Jagroop loves bhangra and teaches bhangra in the hostel.


Balbir, housekeeping

(housekeeping 8am- 2 pm) is known for her immaculate cleaning skills and strong personality, Balbir is a very strong women who once beat up a guy who got too close in the tuktuk. She is hard from outside with the whole staff including Sanjay being scared of her anger, she is really soft at heart and volunteers to help anyone facing social injustice in her village.


Dalbir, housekeeping

(housekeeping 11am – 5 pm) is the quiet one in the housekeeping staff working with Balbir handling laundry, cooking and cleaning of the hostel. She is a hardworking person who you would not see sittting much in the hostel.


Vicky, Tuktuk

(Tuktuk, 24 hours) is the combination of hardworking and funny, Vicky drives the tuktuk and manages the maintainance/shopping of the hostel. Never sitting idle, he is available with his tuktuk 24 hours and is the most hardworking person of the hostel. Vicky has a beautiful wife and two sons(the younger one very naughty).

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