Food guide Amritsar

Food guide from Amritsar

(the unofficial

food capital of India)

Tired and need food right now!

If you Just entered the hostel and just want a food advice right now and don’t want to read much. Here you go:

1. Street food: Loads of Street food stalls downstairs serving from 10 am till 11 pm. There are a lot of options and people have been eating here since the hostel opened and we didn’t hear anyone falling sick from this food. The evening stalls are in a shop which is 1 minute walk from the hostel on the right outside the door. This is what we recommend:

– Amritsari kulcha from 10 am to 3 pm.

– Dosa/Veg Burgers/Dosa and BBQed soya chunks in the evening.

      1. Nearby Restaurant: Simer spicy, crazy chicken and chicken plaza are some restaurants nearby where you can sit and eat. You might see people drinking their own booze here. We recommend females to not drink at these places.

      2. Take-away: We can order food for you from these takeaway places. These are places we order from:

        – Chawlas makes this awesome dish called Cream chicken and Butter naans(we call it the orgasmic combo). Order this if you want to feel the absolute bliss. One full cream chicken is enough for 3 people. Min order ₹100.

        – Brothers/Kesar dhaba: Traditional punjabi restaurants making really nice traditional food. Min order ₹500.

Dont’ miss

Amritsar has mostly been classified as the unofficial food capital of India. One of the most important reasons people visit Amritsar is for food. We at jugaadus recommend atleast 3 meals you must eat if you are visiting amritsar.

  1. Golden Temple Kitchen: No visit to amritsar is complete without tasting the food at the donations based community kitchen in the Golden Temple. It feeds a 100,000 meals a day on an average and the food is really really good, mostly grown in temple’s organic farms.

  2. Traditional Punjabi Restaurant: There are two famous 100 year old restaurants in the city famous for traditional punjabi food. Kesar da dhaba (our favorite) and Bharawan da dhaba both are world famous restaurants and have really nice food. Minimum order is ₹500 for delivery to the hostel. Both are 2-3 kms from the hostel and should be 70-100 rupees on a tuktuk.

  3. Non Veg meal: If you are non-vegetarian, this is the heaven in this country. There are a lot of restaurants famous for their chicken/fish. Here are some recommendations:

  • Cream chicken + butter naan from Chawlas(take away)

  • Fried fish from Makhan Majitha Road (4 km)

  • Roasted chicken from Bheera Majitha road (4 km)

  • Keema naan from Sakhi Green Avenue (6 km)

  • butter Chicken from Surjeet food Plaza(4 km)

Eating Options

You have a lot of Eating options in Amritsar. Here I will give you some information about the Options I recommend in the city. These are arranged in order of the distance from the hostel:

  1. Hostel Kitchen

  2. Street food

  3. Nearby restaurants

  4. Really good Veg/non-Veg food delivery

  5. Western fast food

  6. Best traditional punjabi Breakfast– Kulcha

  7. Golden Temple Kitchen

  8. Dessert (Jalebi/Gulab Jamun)

  9. 100 Year old Veg restaurant

  10. Scrambled paneer fried in Butter

  11. Our favorite restaurant in the city.

  12. Lassi

  13. Juices and Shakes

  14. Chai

  15. Evening snacks

  16. Upmarket restaurant

  17. Chicken and Fish place 1.

  18. Juiciest Roasted chicken Ever.

  19. Fried Fish/Butter chicken and beer

  20. Micro brewery

  1. Hostel Kitchen(0 min): The first and nearest option is the hostel kitchen. We Serve breakfast everyday and lunch/dinner when there are more than 5 signups. Breakfast is served around 8:30 am everyday and you can signup on the whiteboard outside the kitchen for Lunch and dinner.

  2. Street Food(1 min Walk): The next option is street food next to the hostel. The street food stalls serve Kulcha (Traditional amritsar breakfast of nan-Bread with potatoes stuffed in it) with Chickpea curry from 10 am to 3 pm. In the evening starting around 5 pm, you can find Chaamp (BBQ Soya chunks) Pav bhaaji (mashed mix vegetable fried in butter served with bread), Veg Burger, Dosa. The evening street food stalls are out of the hostel on the right in one shop (less than 1 minute walk). You will see lots of bikes parked outside and lot of people inside. Milk badam(Sweetened milk with almonds) from mother dairy opposite the hostel is really nice. Evening stalls open till 11 pm.

  3. Nearby restaurants(< 5 minute walk): We have 2 restaurants serving veg/non-veg meals in 5 minutes walking distance from the hostel. Simer spicy is just on the T junction from hostel to main street right next to muthoot finance. Popular chicken(only non veg) is out of the hostel left and then 3 minutes walk on the right on the main street. Simer spicy is open for lunch and allow to carry your own booze. Females need to be more cautious before socializing with drunk locals on these places.

  4. Chawlas chicken(5 mins walk, Delivery): Chawlas is the closest take away counter of very well known non-veg restaurant which has more than 100 branches in India and one each in Canada/Australia. The signature dish of this place is cream chicken which goes best with butter naan. I (Sanjay) have been trying to be veg from several years but always breakdown in front of this dish. I highly recommend the cream chicken butter naan combo from chawlas. Opens from 1 pm to 11 pm.

  5. Western Fastfood(10 mins walk): Dominos,Subway,McDonalds,Pizza hut all have their vegetarian outlets in 5 minutes walking area of the golden temple and about 10 minutes walk from the hostel. All of them have vegetarian counters and can be interesting for westerners to check the veggie options. Open from 11 am to 10pm.

  6. Kulwant Kulcha(10 minutes walk): “Bhai kulwant Singh Kulchian wale” is almost 50 year old shop serving the traditional amritsari breakfast as the only dish. They have a shop on the main street 2 minutes walk from the golden temple and a bigger shop in the narrow lane next to it. This is the most Liked dish on our food walk. Shop opens from 7-8 am till 3 pm.

  7. Golden Temple kitchen(12 minutes walk): Some people including me think this should be one of the wonders of the world. The place feeds around 80,000-100,000 meals a day. The food is mostly donated by farmers or organically grown in temple’s farms. The scale and the efficiency that this place works with is a treat to watch. One of the fastest restaurants(if you can call it a restaurants) in the world. Food is good and hygienic. Water served from the temple Ro Water filter system. Open from 8 am to midnight.

  8. Jalebi(15 minutes walk): Gurdas Ram jalebi is situated in the same lane as kulwant kulcha and this shop is around 60 years old serving 2-3 things with Jalebi as the main dish. This shop became so famous that the square next to it is called jalebiwala Chowk (jalebi Square). Its an Indian desser made by mix of whiteflour/cheese fried in ghee and dipped in Sugar Syrup. This dish is just like the writer of this document (Very sweet and very hot).

  9. Bharawan da dhaba/Brothers Dhaba(20 minutes walk): The restaurant Bharawan(brothers in punjabi) da dhaba was the original one. The two brothers split and the other one opened Brothers. Brothere has multiple branches in the city and Bharawan has just two. Both of them have traditional amritsar food and some south indian/other cuisines are available also.

  10. Bau Paneer Bhurji(25 minutes walk/2km): This place has been serving this one dish from last 40 years and are featured in documentaries about amritsar food now. The dish is scrambled paneer cooked in ginger, garlic, tomotoes, onion, spices and a LOT of butter. Almost 60-80 gms of butter per plate is used to fry the paneer in it. Dish is almost cheese fried in butter. The have recently started serving a veg sandwich which they take the western healthy notion by almost deep frying it in butter.

  11. Kesar da dhaba (30 mins walk/2.5km): Time to talk about my favorite restaurant in the city. Kesar is the favorite in amritsar for a lot of people. A hundred year old restaurant featured on National geographic and all food blogs talking about food in Punjab/India. Daal fry, Palak paneer, Malai kofta and plain parantha are some of the favorites with a real good lassi and rice pudding(firni).

  12. Gian Chand Milk Bhandaar(30 mins walk/2.5 km): A 96 year old Lassi shop in the home of lassi. The only lassi served is sweet lassi with butter and cream on top.

  13. Subhash Juice bar(30 mins walk/2.5 km): Most famous for juices and shakes.

  14. Giani Tea Stall(3.5 km): Chai shop serving chai since 1956. Ask for superman chai and best time to go and get kachoris is 6:45 am.

  15. Brijwasi chat bhandaar(3.5 km) : Local snack shop serving paani puri, Allo tikki and chats.

  16. Crystal Restaurant(3.5 km): Upmarket restauarant serving punjabi dishes and western dishes with a really nice area to sit, chat , have a beer or some wine in a more classy setting than most local places.

  17. Surjit chicken(4.5 km): A very nice restaurant in the city serving really good fried fish, Tawa chicken and butter chicken. They have veg options also.

  18. Beera chicken(5 km): Beera chicken is really famous for its roasted chicken which is famous on all blogs about amritsar and its food.

  19. Makhan fish(5 km): 5 mins walk from Beera chicken is Makhan fish serving fried fish since 1962 and has a really nice sitting hall. Makhan fish is the only place where you can combine really good and very famous local food with some beers.

  1. Star barrells Micro-Brewery: If you are missing decent beer and don’t want any more kingfisher, we have a micro-brewery in the city which does 4 kinds of beers. Hostel gets 15% discounts (on Pints and pitchers). The Mango beer in summers is a really nice touch. This brewery is on top floor of a shopping mall which also has a big food court to eat before you head for drinks.

Specialities in Amritsar

Vegetarian Meals:

  • Sarson da saag, makki di roti, dal makahani, palak paneer, malaai kofta, lachha paraantha and firni from Kesar Da Dhaba(2.5 kms) or Bhrawan Da Dhaba (2 kms). Delivery to the hostel is possible.

Non Veg Meals:

  • Cream chicken + butter naan from Chawlas(take away)

  • Fried fish from Makhan Majitha Road (4 km)

  • Tandoori chicken from Bheera Majitha road (4 km)

  • Keema naan from Sakhi Green Avenue (6 km)

  • Mutton tikka at Sundar Meat Shop (1.5 km)


  • Four mix Amritsari kulcha from Kulwant near the Golden Temple or Kulchaland Ranjit Avenue.

  • Poori chane from Kanha Sweets (4 kms)

Evening snacks:

  • Chai + pakora at Giani Tea Stall near Bhandari Bridge.

  • Bombay bhelpuri

  • Brijwasi chat for chats, aloo tikki and pani puri.

  • Paneer bhurji from Telephone Exchange Chowk.

  • Pav bhaaji from Bombay Pav Bhaaji MM Malviya road.

  • Samosa from Kanha Sweets.


  • Jalebi and gulab jamun from Jalebiwala Chowk.

  • Gulab jamun from Lawrence Road.

  • Kulfi at Mahajan’s or Aone Kulfa.

  • Firni at Kesar Da Dhaba.

  • Gur ka halwa at Kanha Sweets.

Sweet Shops:

  • Goenka sweets Katra Ahluwalia Chowk.

  • Aggarwal sweets from Lawrence Road.

  • Kanha sweets from Lawrence Road.

Dishes originated in Amritsar

  • Kulcha (different kinds)

  • Lassi

  • Kulfi

  • Sarson da Saag + Makki Di Roti

  • Papad Wadiyan