What eco-practices are used in this hostel

Even I have trouble remembering the exact time when I thought about making an eco hostel but I think the seed was sown when I tasted fruits/vegetables in Holland and they didn’t taste like they tasted back home. The first memory I have about this eco hostel concept is looking all over the internet to find how to make organic mattresses. This search put me in touch with an organic cotton farmer and the whole Punjab organic farmers organisation. I attended their meetings and found out how much we have harmed the environment especially in Punjab(the bread basket of India). Building a full eco hostel is still a dream and this is en effort to make an eco concious hostel to find a balance between comforts and environment friendliness.

What is Eco in this hostel

  • Reused tyres to make tables for the hostel.
  • Wiring done in bamboo wiring panels to avoid use of plastic.
  • Rooftop vegetable garden.
  • Plastic bottle reuse and refill with filter water service.
  • Plastic bag reuse.
  • Mattresses filled with organic cotton bought from local organic farmers and fabric bought from auraherbals which deals with organic cotton fabrics.
  • Bamboo dustbins, trays, keyrings bought from uravu bamboo village NGO.
  • Organic groceries bought from local farmers or organic fair trade store.
  • All chairs made locally from wood and Coconut string.

    Projects in Progress

  • Waste food to be used for compost/feeding cows.
  • Solar power panels for electricity in the hostel.
  • Non-chemical cleaning/bug repelling.
  • Workaways to help hostel be more eco-friendly.