Why did Sanjay open Jugaadus

Why did Sanjay open Jugaadus

I used to work as a network designer in a company called Cisco from 2009-2013 Feb(explains my negative attitude towards internet :)). In 2011, my company moved me to Holland for a project with Shell. During my initial time in holland, I used to have a huge mansion(provided by Cisco) and loads of money to spend but no friends/Social life. The whole european culture was new to me and I was desperate to meet people(especially women). Searching on the internet, I found couchsurfing which looked like a chance to let single females stay with me in my house. I liked the idea, signed up and had my first female couchsurfer who taught me that I can actually cook instead of eating out everyday.

After this, I was a regular in CS meetings in the Hague, Netherlands. I made some local friends, some exchange students to party with and started learning about travelling from other travellers. I started travelling on weekends to party destinations like Prague/Budapest and stayed in hostels. When I checked in India, I could only see a couple of them in all of India (in Kerela and Goa). The idea of opening a hostel started at this time already but it was a bit different. The idea was to open a party hostel with a special spiritual experience room :P. One day sitting in a cafe in Krakow, I realized, I need to have more courage in my life. Called up my gf and broke up with her, Called up my boss and told him i am taking a year long sabbatical for travelling in 3 months.

The next chapter was travelling through europe for 6 months with couchsurfing/ hitchhiking. I did multiple experiments like renting a beach house in Croatia and using it like a couchsurfers’ house where I hosted about 2-6 backpackers everyday and working in a party hostel in Kosovo as a nightshift where I had to take people out almost everyday to bars/clubs. Finished my eurotrip in august and came back to India to travel India for another six months. Here I met another breed of travellers who were doing yoga/meditation. People who never eat non-veg food, never drank(or quit drinking) and some of them were as happy as I was when I was drunk. I had also gained 8 kilos from all the beer I drank from all the countries in Europe. This seemed like a good alternative and I started hanging out with these travellers more. The idea was changed from a party hostel to a chill hostel where people can relax and the concept of eco conciousness came along.

This also goes with the local culture/customs and makes it easier to manage in this conservative nation.

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